The Bird House

Mounting motors. This was the last assignment for Fabrication Class. Actually, when I was a kid, I had a Tamiya since my brother had one and that time was a hype back home. I did make one by following the instruction, including mounting DC motor and connected it to the wheels. But that was it. I had never really mounting motors after that. So, I was quite unsure what to make.

Tamiya Magnum



All I could think relating to motors was wheels or things that move in rotation. So, my first idea was to make a carousel that looked like this.



So my idea was using continuous servo, instead of DC motor because DC motor rotates fast and I didn’t want to make the movement that fast. Apparently, I guessed mounting servo was harder than DC motor, just because of the size. It’s big, square, and not symmetrical. So my initial idea was something looked like this.

Initial Idea

But this idea would change later on because I thought I could use shaft to mount the servo, but then I realized shaft isn’t made for servo.

A Shaft 5mm to 6.35mm


So, I needed to change my idea. Instead of using shaft, I would directly attach the servo to the plate.

Idea was changed


Trip to Michaels

I went to Michaels the other day to get materials for my final project. Then guess what, I found this section. They sell a lot of cheap boxes! And they have birdhouses for only $1! Yes, I bought it without thinking. It was cheap after all. So, changed plan, instead of making a carousel, I would make a moving birdhouse instead.

Cheap Boxes at Michaels


It’s just $1! And I also got a box for $2.79.


When you looked at it, it was super bad material. But oh well, it’s cheap anyway.

But it’s bad. Oh well.



These are the materials that I used. I had the box, my birdhouse from Michaels, continuous servo & the plate, Arduino Uno, standoffs, screws, and junk acrylic.



And to decorate my birdhouse, I used colored paper, wires, and a pile of balsa wood.

Materials to Decorate

In Making


Drilling holes

First of all, I drilled holes on top to mount my servo. I printed the outline of the servo so it would fit.



I knew, it was ugly. But I needed to make big holes in the middle so that the servo wouldn’t touch the wood. Then I also drilled a hole on the side for the wires to Arduino.



Mounting the Servo

I used standoffs and screw to mount the servo directly to the wood.



Yes, the measurement wasn’t perfect. Even though I did use printable outline of the servo (I guess with the actual size), but it turned out the size was not right.

Well, it worked..



Attaching Parts to the Servo

To attach my birdhouse to the servo, I laser cut a junk acrylic, then they would attach to the plate.


I just glued the acrylic to the wood and to my birdhouse.


Tadaa this is my birdhouse. Now I needed to decorate it and attach it to the servo.


Decorating Time

It’s time to decorate! I made paper birds and leaves that went around the birdhouse.

My paper birds!

Attaching my birdhouse to servo

It’s very last minute decision. I attached the birdhouse to the plate using velcro. I knew it wasn’t good idea, but it was a very last minute idea, since I didn’t want to glue the plate to acrylic.


Yes, it was hard to mount a servo. First of all because of its shape and size! I think I’d need to customize myself how to mount it later on. Also, I was getting frustrated because it turned out the outline and the servo size from internet wasn’t as accurate as I thought. That’s why the mount turned out very bad. I even broke a standoff because of that!


Final Results

But oh well, as long as it’s decorated, I was quite happy.


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