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Category: ITP Fall 2017

Do UX Designers Need to Learn Computation?

What is computation? Is it computer science? Some kind of programming? Most designers will freak out when hearing the term compute, computation, or computational ‘thing’. I wouldn’t even think about it if there was no Computational Media class in ITP. The term computational captivated my sight to seek further definitions. And how can it relate to User Experience? Most people believe that computation is somehow a thing that relates to computer. Yes, I’d say that…

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Creating a Portrait with p5.js

As a person who doesn’t know much about creative coding, using many JavaScript libraries is something new. Even though I’m quite familiar with JavaScript, but it was my first time using p5.js – a JavaScript library to make drawings. I thought p5.js is really cool! It can make coding much easier, since it provides many functions and clear references on the website. The first ICM assignment is to make our own drawing using 2D primitive…

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