RESTful API: A Mood Jukebox

Me and Lucas want to make a Mood Jukebox controller. It’s basically a Jukebox that can play songs based on mood and genre input. This Jukebox will play random songs based on specific input. Below is the specification of the Jukebox.

Vintage Jukebox
Vintage Jukebox


How might we experience a certain mood in space.

Specific Target User

  • General user (both music fans or not)
  • Age 24-30
  • Both male and female


  • The Mood Jukebox can play songs based on mood and genre that user choose.
  • User can see the song title and artist name when the song is being played.
  • When a specific mood of a song is being played, user can see/feel the feeling of a certain mood.
  • User can’t stop the music when it’s being played. But when user click “Play” when a song is being played, that song will be stopped and another song will be played.
  • User can add a song to the playlist.
  • User can add the next song in the playlist.


  • Mood – to select a specific mood. User can only select one mood at a time.
  • Genre – to select a genre. User can only select one genre at a time.
  • Play Button – to play a random song based on selected mood and genre.
  • Add to Playlist Button – to add a song to the playlist.
  • Play Next Song – to play a song in the playlist.


  • Selected mood
  • Selected genre
  • Song title
  • Artist name
  • A feedback to make the user know what mood is being played


Below is the interface on the dashboard. For selecting the songs, we’re thinking of using Spotify API or Youtube API to crawl the songs and filter them based on mood and genre.

Mood Jukebox Dashboard


Play a song


Get song title and artist


Add to playlist


Play next song



This is the Json file of a song

id: 1,
song: “O Pato”,
artist: “Stan Getz & Charlie Byrd”,

mood: “happy”,

genre: “pop”

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