Soft Sensing: Soft Piano

I found this video on Youtube and I really wanted to make a music instrument using soft materials. Hint: I’m taking a class called The Code of Music by Luisa Pereira right now, and our assignment was to make a music instrument (digitally) that can produce melody. So, I was thinking why not I made it physically?

In this Day 2, 2 hours class making a sensor, I created a soft piano. The materials that I used were:

  • Conductive tape
  • Wires
  • Foam sheet

And I used Arduino MKR1000 just because I had it. But Arduino UNO would work also.

Making a Soft Piano in Soft Sensing Class


The conductive tape worked as a switch. I decided to use conductive tape as digital input because I only wanted 1 and 0 value. I tried using Eeonyx Pressure and analog input previously, but the value wasn’t constant and not smooth. Also, I realized that I only needed ON/OFF (1 or 0 value) because I only needed to create a sound when it’s on 1 value.

…to be continued..

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