Soft Sensing: Sensor Sprint

It’s sensor sprint time! We were assigned in a group and made sensors using materials in 1.5 hours. It was really fun! We could use any kind of materials on the floor.

So, me and my team looked for materials or components on the floor. We looked in to junk shelf and found some paper clips, clays, unused buttons, holders, etc. Then we also went to Soft Lab and found a conductive ball, conductive thread, etc.

Sensor Sprint


First, we measured the resistivity of all the materials. Some of the materials that we found were not conductive. So we didn’t use it for the sensor materials.

Slide Potentiometer

When we measured the conductivity of the conductive thread, it was interesting to see how the value was rising the further the spot from the starting point. This gave us an idea to make slide potentiometer. So we used materials below and created the slide potentiometer.


  • Conductive threads
  • A Wire
  • Conductive ball
  • Paper clips
  • Clay

When the ball hit the most left, the value was the lowest, and vice versa. We used the conductive ball as a controller.

Slide Potentiometer

Satisfying Pressure Sensor


  • Eeonyx StaTex Conductive Fiber
  • Wire
  • Rubber band
  • Tape
  • Plastic tongs

We really wanted to work with Eeonyx StaTex Conductive Fiber because it was really easy to work with. And we found a plastic tongs from the kitchen, so we just created a mechanism that when user pressed on the tongs, it will activate the sensor.

Satisfying Pressure Sensor


This sensor sprint was really fun! I hoped we had more time to do it.

After this sensor sprint, I realized that when we’re working on a project, we need to see our surroundings. Not just focus on the technology. But we can think of what materials can we use to replace the sensors.

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