Vidia Makes Music Instrument: Melody

For this assignment, I tried to combine a sequencer and piano for the melody. I used Luisa’s code here for the sequencer: P5.js Sequencer. And I just made a simple piano using keyboard. But to be honest, it was pretty hard to get familiar with Tone.js. Is it just me or I feel myself really confused with the documentation? But thank God I got help from a friend.

In this assignment, I knew that it was just a simple piano/keyboard. But there’s something that made me curious: is it understandable? Is it easy to play? From a designer perspective, I had a hypothesis that user could play it easily because it’s basically a piano since a lot of people knew how piano works very well.

But when my friend, who used to play piano, played with it. It was actually not really easy to play. He has a mental model of playing a piano, but he felt it was hard to play because he got confused with the keyboard. He said he tried to picture piano tiles, but what he saw on keyboard got him distracted. He said it’s probably better if the keyboard is covered.

So I realized that to make a music instrument that’s already well-known, it’s actually harder. Because we need to match people’s expectations and also their mental model. Here’s a video of my friend played the keyboard piano.


Oh also, I tried to make a Soft Piano in Soft Sensing class past weekend. I tried to replace the keyboard with soft materials. It’s not done yet, since I only had less than 2 hours to make it. But I’ll continue it this week. So excited!


Making a Soft Piano in Soft Sensing Class


Github Page

Here’s the web page of this assignment:

Vidia Makes Music Instrument: Melody


And here’s the source code on Github.

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