Wearable UV Detector, Phase 1

From the previous blog, Wearable Technology: Problem Solving Approach?, I decided to continue with the UV detector idea. The idea is pretty simple, to make a wearable technology that can tell you if you get too much sunlight. Previously, I wanted to make an accessory like a wristband. But after got feedback from Jingwen and thought about what kind of wearable that people usually wear outside, I decided to make a hat that can tell you how much UV light you get during the day. Here’s the sketch what I want to make.



For this wearable tech, I’m using Flora UV Index Sensor for the UV light detector, and Adafruit Flora v2 as the microcontroller.

Flora UV Index Sensor
Adafruit Flora


I’m using Flora UV Index Sensor because it’s compatible with Adafruit Flora and very easy to use. It has Flora’s library. All I needed was only download the Adafruit_SI1145 Library, and all set. I followed the tutorial of Flora UV Index Sensor and it was very easy to setup.

For this Phase 1, I just connected the UV sensor to Flora and read the UV light value. Then I set up the threshold, if the value pass the threshold, an LED will light up.


UV Sensor Reading Value

For the next phase, I’m going to attach the Flora, UV sensor, and LEDs to a hat. I’ll need at least 2 LEDs, a yellow one and a red one. Yellow LED will light up when the user get medium amount of UV light, and red LED will light up when the user is in danger because of too much UV light.

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