Wearable Technology: Problem solving approach?

When I make a project, I always try to think why I do want to make it, who do I want to approach, and how can it solve people’s problem. Taking wearable technology class, I do want to learn how to implement the ideas to products. This field is actually new for me, because I haven’t done any wearable project yet until now. So I set my goal for this class is for me to get my hands dirty making wearable stuff. Even though the product that I’ll make is not very innovative.

Thinking about wearable technology, what come up in my head is more about medical appliances that can help people life easier. I know there are so many wearable products out there, but I feel like approaching health care field is a better way to seek more into the problems. I think the challenge for designers to create better wearable technologies right now is not just how to make it intuitive and easy to understand, but also how to make it long last and become part of human life, how to change human behavior.

For this assignment, I’m not going too far since it’s the first time for me making wearable technology. I want to make it as an exercise for me to jump up into creating wearable product. But still, I always use design thinking in mind. So, even though this idea is not innovative, but I do want to make it to get a sense on how designer actually try to solve people’s problem.

Wristband to Detect UV Exposure

Getting too much sun exposure could lead to skin cancer. In order to prevent ourselves from being outdoor too long, it would be nice if there’s something that can remind us if we’ve been getting too much sunlight. This wristband can give the users alert if they are outside, exposed from sunlight too long. It doesn’t have to be connected to any device. Just wear it like a regular wristband, and it will detect the UV exposure.

Rough idea of a wristband that can detect UV exposure


A Necklace for Heart Monitoring

If a patient has signs or symptoms of a heart problem, he might need to be monitored almost all the time. But heart monitor is expensive, it ranges from $143 to $667. This necklace to track heartbeat is a rough idea how to monitor heartbeat. The design will be very compact and simple, showing its modernity. Then it connects to the gadget (could be mobile or laptop) to see the real-time data. If something wrong with the heartbeat, then it will send alert to the third party app.

Rough idea of heart beat monitor

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