Intro to the Impossible Maps

It’s always interesting to learn about impossible things. When I learned in the first class that the map we see in our Google Map is actually might be not what the real world looks like, I had a thought that anyone can make their own maps and make others believe in what he sees. That way, there would be no precise map. No one exactly knows how our world exactly is.

Map is made based on the purposes. Even though it reflects the same geographical sites, people can perceive different messages. This is what makes me interested in learning more about map.

Human, Spatial, and Map

There’s a strong correlation between human, spatial, and map. As Trevor Paglen mentioned in his journal “Humans create the world around them and that humans are, in turn, created by the world around them.” This theory could disclose how geography could be useful to activate social change. This means that human activities are strongly related to spatial and that way can form the production of new spaces. His definition of experimental geography didn’t specifically mention about mapping. But the “experimental” practices represent the form of spaces, which can be redirected to mapping.

Nowadays, people use map on their daily basis. For navigation, information, and orientation. I realized from reading the journal that the map that we see today can be a reflection of our activities. Back when we used physical map, we barely know what was really around us. But today, with the technology like Google Map, we can really see from 2 feet around us up to see the whole globe. Not only that, but what the society looks like can be seen from the map.

Basic Web Map

For the first web map, I created it using Leaflet and Mapbox. First of all, I wanted to familiarize myself with both tools. So I followed the tutorial in Leaflet here: Leaflet Quick Start Guide. I didn’t go too far, only adding marker, popup, and change the styles.

The idea was to show people where are the Avengers right now and tell them how many people they saved. For this, I create an index page to tell the users what’s the goal, and show them current time. Then user can click on a button that takes them to the map page.

I customized the map style so that it looked like a comic book. For map style, I used Mapbox, and change the style using the

 id: 'mapbox.comic' 

. Then I created customized HTML and CSS.


You can access the Avengers Map here.

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