First Time Exploring Unity

It was finally a time for me to really learn Unity. I had heard about it before, but I didn’t have encourage to learn further. Too complicated, I thought. And now, I had to learn explore it. First time opened Unity window project, I was too overwhelmed. Too many buttons, windows, instructions, etc. But since we learned step by step in class, I could get more familiar with it.

Previously, I made a 3D character. Now it’s time to add the character into Unity, and try to make a very basic game.

After I learned how to setup a scene, add camera, and a character in Unity in class, I added animation into the character. So that the character can move like a real human. But in order to make a very basic game, I needed to control the character. I follow the Gabe’s tutorial on adding control to a character. Now my character now can move!

But then I needed to add an environment in the scene. I downloaded an environment in Assets Store then imported it in the scene. I put prefab as objects in my scene. And tadaa! It’s like a real game now! Even though it’s just a very basic and simple game. Well, it’s my first Unity Project after all!

The game can be downloaded here. And here’s my very first Unity Project.



I know, it’s still far from good, but at least now anyone can make a game! Probably in the future I might make a real game. Who knows.

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