Making a Storyboard for Short Animation

A storyboard is an important piece to make a good animation. By making a storyboard, we can visualize how is the story going from beginning towards the end. Especially in making a 2D animation, storyboarding is important to map out what exactly it will look like, where the assets will be place, and how it’s best to animate.

Since I had no experience in using Adobe After Effects, I wouldn’t make a complicated story. I would more focus on learning how to use After Effects to make 2D animation. Take a look at the storyboard that I made.


The story itself is about procrastination. There’s a man who is very lazy right now and doesn’t really do anything. But the visual is more focus on things around him, like when he makes tea slowly, watching TV, and the time goes very slowly. It’s a very simple story but I hope the idea will be delivered clearly to the audience.

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