2 Materials: Puzzle Box

It’s finals time. And I have this assignment to make something using 2 materials. This time, I literally had no idea what I wanted to make. But when I went to Canal Rubber to get some materials for my final project, I saw these cute hard sponges. And they were cheap! So, I just grabbed them and I thought I could make something like a puzzle box. I could combine this material with another material which has more density.



In making this puzzle box, I mostly used hard sponges and pile of woods. For the base, I used cardboard. And wood glue to glue them together.





Cut the woods

First of all, I needed to cut the wood so that they all have the same length with the sponge. I got the pile of woods from Home Depot, they were 36 inch long each. I cut them using Miter Saw.


Then I sanded them so that they looked nicer.


Now I had all materials ready to stick them together.


Glue them together

All I needed was just glue them together to make them look like a puzzle. I used wood glue to stick them on cardboard.


Tadaa! it didn’t take me that long to make this puzzle box. Probably just about 1 hour.

Final looks

Now you can put anything in the middle.



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