Enclosure Enclosure Enclosure

This time I made a box of lamp for a gift to my mom. I set my goal this week was to explore Container Store in NYC. Since it was around Black Friday when I went there, I got a pretty good deal, it was 30% off buying all stuff there.






I knew that I didn’t really have time this week due to doing my final project. So I just bought a nice bamboo square container from the container store. Since it was on sale, I got it only $4.99. Below is the materials that I used for making this enclosure.

Bamboo Container Square 6 x 9 in
Acrylic 1/8″
Foam Cardboard
A Pile of Junk Wood



I wanted to make place holder for my circuit, so I needed to make sure all is measured accurately. To make exact measurement, I used digital caliper. I measured the height, weight, and thick of the box, the pile of wood, and also the components: Arduino, Breadboard, RGB Led, and battery place holder.



Cutting the piece of junk wood

Band Saw in Tandon’s Makerspace
Using the band saw to cut piece of junk wood
Cuts of junk wood


Laser cut the place holder

Layer 1: Place holder for Arduino, battery pack, and breadboard
Layer 2: Place holder for RGB LED


Glue the pieces of wood for the corners.

Glue the pieces of wood
Pieces of wood are glued on the corner


Make a hole for switch toggle

Drill a hole


Make holes for screws on the corners

Drill a hole for screw


Place everything in an enclosure, enclosure, enclosure


Screw the top lid

Screwing the top

Color the acrylic


Final Result

I didn’t actually making the circuit since I didn’t have much time. So, in the image below, I was using a led from my week 1 project. And tadaa, it doesn’t that bad actually. My mom would (hopefully) be happy with this gift.

From the Side
Front View


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