“Debt”, an Animated Short

This was not my first time making a stop motion, but making a pixilation, yes it was my first time. I didn’t even know what pixilation was until I learned it in class. I just knew that pixilation is a kind of stop motion that use real human as an actor.

I worked with Will and Phil in making this pixilation. The story is about ITP. We wanted to make it simple but entertaining. Will had this great idea, making a music video with pixilation. Also, he created this song about ITP in such a witty way.

In Making

We used these equipments:

  • Canon 5D MarkIII
  • Shotgun Mic
  • Tripod
  • SD Cards

And also the software:

  • Dragon Frame
  • Adobe Premiere

We were experimenting with shooting 12fps and 24fps. But then we still needed to adjust some frames manually. And since we used real human, there were a lot of movement, which we needed to adjust the ISO, Focal Length, Aperture, and Focus if it wasn’t match previous frame. It was hard. Patience sure was needed.

We captured each frame using Dragon Frame. This tool helped a lot when making a stop motion. We could see the previous frame so we could match what’s next. But we still needed to use Adobe Premier to sync the pictures and audio.



Making a pixilation sure needs a lot of patience. We needed to adjust each frame, going back and forth adjusting fps depending on how long did we want to. Speaking of the story, it’s better to make the story story board first if we wanted to make it perfectly. So that we could imagine how and from what angle we better shot. Lastly, since we weren’t experienced with Dragonframe, we couldn’t really figure out how to sync the picture and the audio.



DEBT: An Animated Short from William Foster Hallett on Vimeo.

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