Making My Own Phone Stands

One reason I’m taking Fabrication class is because I wasn’t comfortable with big machines. Even though I was curious and want to learn and use them, I kinda felt nervous at first. They were like scary big guys that I had to deal with. So, for this week, I set my goal to deal with them. I had to get used to use them in the shop. I was more focus on encouraging myself into the shop, so I was just going to make simple things.


I wanted to make something from woods, since I had never made a thing from wood before. So looked up on Pinterest, and I found this cute phone stand.

Inspiration 1


I knew it would be too ambitious for a newbie like me to make it. There’re a lot of curves which I didn’t think I could do it. In my head, I could only think about square shapes. So, that might be my next challenge. While I was exploring, then I found this simple phone stand and pen holder. I thought this might be a simple thing to make. Let’s do this!

Inspiration 2



My initial idea was to make phone stand only. I didn’t want to add the pen holders there. Because I liked it simple. But I thought if there was nothing on it, it was kinda plain. So I add words on top of it, just wanted to make it more appealing. This is my sketch.

Design Sketch



These are all materials that I used (sorry I forgot to take a picture of the wood filler and wood glue, so I took it from Amazon).



I used Canadian Birch Wood (if I’m not mistaken). Since I had no knowledge about woods, I decided to go to a lumber shop. I went to Midtown Lumber Mart NYC last weekend, just to take a look at it, and get to know more about woods. When I went there, I didn’t know any type of plywood I wanted to buy, so I asked the staff there. They offered me some kinds of plywoods: Chinese, Russian, or Canadian Birch Wood. I had no idea what they were. I didn’t even did some researches about woods before I went there, so I just bought it based on its quality. The staff helped me to choose what kind I wanted. I guess next time I need to do some researches about what kind of materials I want to use before I buy them.

These are the list of materials I used:

  • Canadian Birch Plywood 1 inch thick, 24 x 24 inch (since I wanted to make 2 inches height, I guess buying 1 inch would be better)
  • Wood Stain Colonial Maple 222 (because I like the color)
  • Wood filler (I used the one in the shop)
  • Wood glue



First thing first, I cut the plywood using the big scary guy (a.k.a Miter Saw, after I googled it) into 4 x 4 inches. I measured the length and used stop blocks to make sure it cut the same length for each piece.

This was my first experience ever to actually cut something using Miter Saw. It was sooo scary. And when I used it, I had a trouble adjusting the length, how could I move it further towards me (vertically). Because my plywood was too big, I couldn’t really cut it into pieces. I asked the shop assistant and she showed me how to unlock it to adjust the vertical movement.

After I got the 4 x 4 inches pieces, then I cut the top part into 3 x 4 inches and 0.5 x 4 inches (still, using the Miter Saw).


Using Miter Saw


After I did my best using this Miter Saw (yes, it was sooo hard to cut this big chunk wood), my friend told me that I could use Panel Saw instead to cut bigger piece of wood. Well, I haven’t learned about it yet so I didn’t know if there were any other machine to cut big board easily. This is the Panel Saw by the way.


Panel Saw


These are the results from cutting the plywood using Miter Saw.


Results from Cutting Using Miter Saw


I noticed it left some ugly scraps there. So I used the sander machine to make it looked nicer.


Using Sander Machine


After I got all of the pieces I wanted, I (kinda cheated) used laser cutter to etch the words.

Using Laser Cutter


I glued the top and bottom parts together. Then I put wood filler around the edges, so the connection within 2 woods wouldn’t be noticeable.


Using Wood Glue and Wood Filler


I noticed the sides didn’t match perfectly after I glued them together. And since I wanted to make curves on the edges, I used the sander machine again to smoothen it.

Finishing Using Sander Machine


For finishing, I layered them with Wood Stain. Because I wanted to make it more reddish, rather than pale color.


Layered the Woods with Stain


Final Products


Tadaa! My first ever wood project that I made myself from scratch!


Final Phone Stands


Final Phone Stands


  1. Nice work, these look great.

    Keeping the design simple is a good idea. I like how you layered the plywood and glued it. I don’t think the wood filler would be necessary if the pieces were clamped tight enough while drying. And since you sanded the edges, I doubt there would be too many gaps.

    It does look like you or someone else didn’t let the glue/wood filler dry before sanding it. The sanding disk is caked with material and won’t sand anymore. The disk will need to be replaced, not a big deal.

    I may have put the laser etched part in front of the phone, instead of behind it. It’s easier to see the etch that way.

    1. Thanks Ben!

      And sorry if I ruined the sander. I was sure I glued it and let it stick overnight. For the wood filler, I wasn’t 100% sure if it was dry perfectly, but I did let it be for hour. That would be my lesson learned for the next project.


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