First Time Ever Making a Table Lamp

I was planning to buy a table lamp since I didn’t have one. But then this assignment came out, so I thought I was just going to make one. A simple one. Because I had never made one before. And I believe I had never really made things from scratch, besides drawing, collage, or origami.


I really like paper lamps or lantern. I thought it would be perfect to decorate my room. So I was thinking to make one. While googling what kind of paper lamp I would make, I was impressed by this design. I got it from Pinterest.


The design is so simple but fascinating. I really like how elegant it is. So I decided to make something like that.

Even though it looked easy to make, but I couldn’t figure out how were I going to do first. So, I looked up some tutorials and found this easy to follow tutorial. But unfortunately it’s not in English I didn’t understand the words, but I could still follow what he’s doing (well, a lot of play, pause, and replay of course).

Ideas and Sketch

But I didn’t want to hang my lamp, so I needed to design the base (lower part). Here’s what I had in mind.



Since it’s sort of origami lamp, I thought the base would be nice if it’s from light material. So it could be balance. I picked cardboard instead of plywood. And the foot would be from light wood.

Here’s all the materials I used to make this lamp.


Basically I just used simple materials that anyone can find easily: papers, cardboard, and strings. I also used tools like scissor, knife cutter, ruler, glue, and pencil. For the lamp circuit itself, I used LED lamp AC/DC 12V 3W (the man at Canal Lighting and Parts told me to use this kind of lamp if I wanted to use battery for the power supply), switch, battery holder, and cables.


Before I jumped to make the real lamp, I tried to make a small one (kind of prototype one), so that I got a sense how to make it.

Then I started to make the real one. First of all, I cut the paper (I used 70lb 18in x 24in paper) into 12in height.

But it didn’t cut nicely. Somebody needs to learn how to cut a paper.

Then every 1in, I folded so it looked like a fan.

After that, I folded the bottom and top parts diagonally, and it looks like this.

Then I glued the edges to make it like a tube, joined the bottom part with string, and also the top part.

That’s it for the paper lamp. Now jump up to make the base (the enclosure for the circuit). I decided not to use heavy machine such as laser cutter, but only used knife and scissor instead. First of all, I cut the cardboard into 6 pieces (2 pieces for top and bottom 6×6 inches, and 4 for the sides 5×1.5 inches).

Then I cut the whole for the legs, the switch, and an opening to change the battery.

After that, I glued them together.

I put the circuit inside the box, put the paper lamp on top of the base, and voila! Here’s my first ever DIY paper lamp!



I’m quite proud of myself that I could make my own table lamp which will decorate my room from now on. Doing this project, it took quite some time, but I had fun doing it. In the future, if I’d like to make another paper lamp, I think I’d consider using different materials so that it will be more durable, such as light plywood for the base. Also, I’d want to explore different shapes, probably animal shape, or figures.


  1. Good work. I like that you followed a how to video but made it your own by adding a base.

    What type of glue did you use to attach the cardboard base? How are the wooden dowels attached to the base?

    I’d like to see more documentation on the LED and wiring you did as well.

    1. Thanks Ben!

      I used hot glues to attach the cardboard base, and double sided tape for the upper cover. And to attached the wooden dowels to the base, I glued around the holes with hot glue to make it like a rubber so the wooden dowels wouldn’t loose. I didn’t necessarily glued the legs to the base, so it can still be removed.

      Oh, I forgot to take a picture of the circuit. I’ll upload it later. Thanks for reminding me.


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