A Project About Mental Health (Rough Idea)

There are a lot of adults who suffered from mental health, not only in United States but also all over the world. Meanwhile in United States, as I read an article, there are about 42.5 millions people suffers some mental issues each year, which is about 18.2 percent of the total adult population. Regarding the number, this is actually a serious problem. There are so many questions to be answered to solve this problem, but what about a very simple step that an individu can do to help.

To be honest, I’m interested to dig deeper about this issue. I do like to observe people, especially in subway when I have nothing to do except thinking and watching people. Subway train is one out of many places that has a unique aura. Since there is not much to do in subway, people would just listen to music, think of anything, or just stare in a blank. I don’t have a psychology background, but I could tell if people would just thinking of their problems when they’re doing nothing, such as in subway. I believe everyone have their own problems, but if they think too much about it, it will lead to mental illness.

Of course to reduce the number of people who suffer from mental illness is such a big step, but in order to help, it doesn’t have to be something big. So, if I see from different perspective, rather than to make a big impact, I’d start from questioning how might we at least help each other to be more optimistic.

Since me and Ridwan Madon bring up a similar topic about mental health, we would like to collaborate on this project. We don’t really have a same approach of this topic, but we’ve talked and did brainstorming several times how could we bridge our ideas to make something useful related to this topic. We’re still in a brainstorming state, but up until now, we have a picture to make something that can capture people’s emotion and how to change it based on the environment.

At first, we had several ideas in mind:

  • We wanted to make an installation that can capture people’s emotion (such as sad, happy, anxious, etc.) and the environment will change based on the emotions, then it will change to make the user feel more calm from the previous emotion state.
  • Make an installation that is engaging to attract people who is feeling gloomy, then after the users interact with it, they will feel happier.

But after we talked to Tom about our ideas, we needed to think beyond that. He gave us so many insights. Because we want people to show their natural emotion, we need to think about the situation that can make a certain emotion. Rather than force them to show a certain emotion. What we need to think deeper is how to design a situation that can bring them into a certain state of emotion. And after we get a certain emotion, then we can change it to another state, let say from angry to happy.

Here’s a rough idea what we’re trying to make.

How Might We

And here’s the user journey.

User Journey

Our next step is to make things clearer and more detail, then we can start doing some researches about people’s emotion. Also, we still need to work hard to design the whole situation for the user to do an action.

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