Designing a Business Card with KISS Principle

“Keep It Simple, Stupid” was what I had in mind when doodling a bunch of ideas in making this business card. I wanted my business card to just look clean and simple (because I thought it would be looked professional lol).

In this business card design, I tried to implement what I’ve learned so far in class: typography, color, composition, and logo.


I used a Sans Serif font family in this business card. I didn’t know why but I loved Sans Serif font family so much when making printable design, such as poster, post card, etc. In my opinion, it looks so elegant since the purpose of the design is to tell people a straightforward message. Different from Serif font which is easier to read a whole bunch of texts, Sans Serif is a nice and good-looking font to tell a short text.

In this design, I used Lato Medium (for the name) and Lato Light (for other information). I tried to keep the font weight two level difference, to make the name more prominent.

Font: Lato Medium and Lato Light


Since I sticked to KISS principle, I just wanted to make it as clean as possible. That was why I only used black and white color. Not because I didn’t want to explore any other colors, but I thought why I had to go crazy when I could just keep it simple and elegant with black and white colors. Black and white never go wrong. They have a great combination of contrast that’s appealing in design. It’s a classic color so that will make it looked more elegant.


It’s about a logo that represents me. It was hard to create a logo, especially that represent oneself. Because it needs to show the characteristic, vision, or simply has a meaning behind it. I spent a long time doodling around and figured out what represent me best. Thank God last week we did a little quiz to make a mind map about words that represent ourselves. So, I picked a word “water” that represents me and getting more focus on doodling a logo related to water drop shapes.

Doodling My Logo
Doodling My Logo

After I found what logo I liked best, then I uploaded it in Adobe Illustrator and made a vector from that drawing. I tried different styles to see more options and ended up with my favorite one, the third logo from the left below.


A Vector Logo from Drawing


I started the canvas with 4 sections, 2 rows and 2 columns. That way I had an idea how to make it balanced. I think that business card is a very small canvas that needs to fit all the information. So every elements have to fit in there but it’s still nice to read, not too overwhelming. I used a lot of whitespace so it looked neat, simple, and straightforward.

Grid System

Before I placed every elements in Adobe Illustrator, I sketched it on a paper how did I wanted it to looked like. I tried different positions and compositions, aligned to the left, right, and center.

Sketch Compositions and Positions

I ended up picking the aligned center for the front card, because it only shows my logo. And on the back, I used align left for the text with two columns composition. I thought it’s as simple as I wanted and still looks elegant and professional.


Card Final (Front)
Card Final (Back)


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