ITP Winter Show 2017 Postcard

In this project, me and Kemi had a chance to collaborate. I really liked her idea that she wanted to tell a story about ITP from kid’s perspective. I loved the idea that we needed to look at different point of views. How can a child make a future vision in his minds, about technology and arts.

So, we started to brainstorm the design. We came up with these sketches.

We wanted to put a kid picture there. Since Kemi has a son, then we decided to put her son photo there. I kinda did some experiments here. I turned the picture into cartoons. I used Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to see how it went. It was my first time to make cartoons from photo though, and I kinda proud of myself that I succeed making it.


And since Su said that it’s better to show more of ITP, I had an idea to take some photographs of the floor and people at ITP. Also, since it’s a winter show, I wanted to use a winter color palette. So, I decided to make the photographs in black and white mode.

I really like this assignment, because I had experimenting with different tools. I also used this new tool called Adobe Sparks. I think it’s a new tool from Adobe to create posts. They have many design templates, layouts that can help us (people that don’t have a design background) to create beautiful design.

And here are our final results.

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