Redesigning a Boarding Pass

Since I like to travel, I’ve been see a lot of boarding passes. But it was my first time to see a boarding pass that was very complicated like this one.

Delta Boarding Pass

There are sooo many elements there. I couldn’t find out the important things there. I’m sure people who are going on vacation with this Delta Airline wouldn’t have a good experience.

But before I redesigned it, I needed to validate it first. Are users really frustrated by looking at it? Do they know what it is? Can they find important information they are looking for? Do they understand what’s in it?

So, I did a mini user research. I asked several people their impression about this boarding pass, what information they can get, and what information they usually seek in a boarding pass.

I mapped the results below.

Mapping: What User See vs Understand

And I also asked them what usually they see in a boarding pass. Here’s the result.

What User Can Recall

After I got some insights, then I made a sketch. While making it, I noticed that some airlines put country/airport code instead of name. So I looked up at airline schedules in airport, what usually people see when looking for their flights. They use countries/cities’s name. I didn’t want people to get confused, so I wanted to make it clear in the boarding pass by putting the countries/cities’ name instead of just code.

Flight Schedules. Source: Shutterstock

Then I was thinking how usually people hold their passport. Boarding pass is usually printed horizontally. But I noticed that people usually hold a passport vertically. So I got an idea to redesign it vertically (I know, I need to test the design after). And in my opinion, while designing something, we need to think about the future. Are people still using printed boarding pass 10 years later? Meanwhile nowadays, there are so many airlines that already make it paperless, using their mobile apps. So it’s worth a try to redesign it vertically.

Holding a Passport

Here’s my sketch.

Boarding Pass Sketch

And here’s my final result.


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