Simple Circuit: LED and Switch

After learning the basic of electronic, I got a clearer idea on how does it really works. Here, I’m showing how to build a very basic circuit with LEDs and switch. I thought it was very easy. I only needed to make a link between electrical source, switch, and LED. Here’s what I had in mind.

But to be honest, I had no idea about the voltage, current, and resistance in this circuit. I didn’t know how much the current that would flow, how much the voltage should I use, etc. I knew that if I used too much voltage, the LED would burst. So, I decided on 5V for the electrical source. I used a DC regulated wall adapter for the source.

Alright, it showed 5V. Then I jumped on making a very basic circuit, with only LED. I needed to make sure if I understood the concept. Here’s what was in my mind and the reality.

I noticed the light was very bright and the LED turned very hot. So, I used 220 Ohm resistor.

It showed the current through the LED was 0.02 Ampere. After all set, then I added a switch in the circuit.


It worked! Then I wanted to try how it was in series and parallel circuits. These what I had in mind.

And these are the final circuits.

Series Circuit


Parallel Circuit

I noticed that in the parallel circuit, when the switch was pushed the green LED would be less bright. So I’ve understood that the current will be divided into two circuits.

From this lab experiment, I got more understanding on how the electrical circuit, both in series and parallel work. It was quite fun!

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